Inspired. Creative. Innovative.

The Masters & Makers Exhibition will feature master wood craftsmen, furniture makers and emerging creatives on the Garden Route.

The Exhibitors

Meyer von Wielligh

Abrie von Wielligh
Meyer von Wielligh is a dynamic design partnership that goes back some 15 years to when designers Abrie von Wielligh and Norman Meyer first met as furniture design students at Furntech (South Africa’s only centre of excellence for furniture) in George.

When a course requirement called for practical work experience at a design manufacturer, rather than seek employment, Norman and Abrie decided to create their own manufacturing business.

They have never looked back. To date, the pair have collaborated on collections with West Elm in the U.S and international design collective Southern Guild, thus ensuring that their furniture and limited-edition art pieces are found as far afield as Dubai and Sydney.

Abrie and Norman’s design studio and workshop is based in George on the Garden Route, an area with a long and established tradition of furniture making using indigenous woods. Their showroom in Gardens, Cape Town is run by Carla de Fondaumieve and AJ Bell.

We believe that each tree has a story to tell and so we respect the beauty inherent in every piece of wood that we use.

Knysna Timber

Martin van Niekerk
I am a lover of timber living in Knysna for the past 30 years. I am a Sawmiller, Manufacturer and Designer of contemporary furniture and resin painting.

The contrast created by exploring the use of timber in its raw state combined with brilliant colourful composite materials can be seen in the furniture that I bring to life. 

Most of the timber that I use has been at the bottom of the ocean for the past 12 years. In 2005 the Bulk Carrier “Kipperousa” sank off the East Coast of South Africa. On board she had 7000 exotic giant logs with lengths of up to 17 meters and diameters up to 1.4 meters.  After running aground the Authorities initiated the largest salvage operations ever undertaken in South Africa waters. Close to 6000 logs were removed from the stricken vessel before she broke up and sank.

Ten years after the sinking of the Kipperousa I led a team of experienced divers to recover the logs from the sunken ship. Today I pay tribute to the brave men that made it possible for me to design and manufacture this amazing range of tables.  To Paul Durant and Terry Roberts, I salute you.

Timber Village

Karl van Lith & Daniel Hennessey
Explore Timber Village in Knysna, where all the magic happens. We opened our doors in 1985 in the centre of South Africa’s world-famous Garden Route, taking our passion and for woodwork to began manufacturing custom, handmade furniture out of a variety indigenous natural timbers from the Knysna forests.

Today our growing team of skilled craftsmen produce unique custom made furniture with personality and professional finish. Our customers can either commission an existing design, tailored to suit their needs, or we can design and produce an entirely unique idea for you. Our attention to detail is brought through in the design of our products. You can see the true identity of the timber in every piece we create.

Timber Village produces an array timber products, ranging from jewellery boxes, beds, tables, bars, bespoke furniture, kitchens, staircases, decks, floors, pergolas and much more.

Every piece reveals the story of its journey from forest to end-product.  We like to believe it’s not just about selling furniture, but rather about creating designs and products with a functional purpose, intrinsic beauty and of course, tells its own story.

Kluyts & Co.

John and Tania Noble

John & Tania Noble have been designing, making and trading products commercially and in the development sector for over thirty years. They lead the Kluyts & Co team that includes seven Master Makers in a range of disciplines.

Our approach of tradition reborn pays homeage to a strong heritage of quality whilst forging our future with our simple, honest and textured design ethos. Kluyts & Co collaborates with Architects, decorators and clients on custom designs and produce an interesting collection of products in our heritage, bushcraft and fine styles.

Kluyts & Co pieces have adorned great interiors all over the world for more than fifty years with a distinction of fine finishing and quality.

Tania leads a community based product production project, Crafted Eden that fabricate a range of interior chandeliers and finishing items. John facilitates Knysna MakerSpace, both operate from the shared Studio space of Kluyts & Co in Knysna.

Studio FU

Jonno Schultz
I’m Jonno – Art Director, Designer and founder of FU. I know what you’re thinking… FU? FU takes its name from the Chinese symbol for fortune and good luck.

Studio FU is a design, laser cutting, engraving and production studio. At FU most of my work comprises of graphic design projects for various clients and companies, in conjunction with the laser cutter which forms the production and branding service offering.

I started my career in television doing editing and digital effects and moved into art direction and design for design and advertising agencies. I have been involved in the design industry in many functions over the last 25 years – from art director on commercials, logo and corporate identity designer, cross platform branding, digital and litho print production and procurement.

Now that I’m living and working in the Garden Route, my focus has shifted to naturally adapting my skills to new surroundings and material availability. I am especially interested in the timber industry and designing with wood as the core material in my work going forward. I am passionate about local design, but what really excites me about my new location is the opportunity to combine my design skills with locally sourced timber, harnessing the laser cutter for both cut and engraved detail elements in the production of uniquely crafted wooden products with an elegant and timeless design simplicity.

I have made many local connections with manufactures and have begun laser branding locally produced wood products for bespoke clients. Soon I will be introducing my own products and style into the marketplace.

Turn a Tree

Mark Meyer
My first introduction to wood turning was a visit to John Early's gallery and workshop in the Natal Midlands. I was totally amazed at what could be turned on the wood lathe. I started turning bowls and ornamental pieces 5yrs ago and with the help and guidance from Dave & Anne Stevenson of The Natural Edge have made it a full time occupation.

Wood has been the most rewarding medium I have ever worked with and each piece is unique unto itself. Wild Olive (Olea Africana) Lorn wood (Olea Capensis) and Norfolk Pine (Araucaria Heterophylla) among my favourites.

It was said I quote " If you find something you love doing you never have to work again" and that is exactly where I am right now.

JB Furniture

Russell Burland & Kim Snook
JB Furniture Manufacturers is a furniture manufacturing company based in Knysna, South Africa. We operate in a 1300m² factory in the Knysna Industrial area and have been manufacturing interior furniture products in Knysna since 1995.

JB Furniture manufactures bedroom, living, dining and occasional furniture pieces in a variety of styles which are marketed and sold through various retail stores in South Africa; we also work closely with decorators and designers on hospitality projects, supplying quality made freestanding furniture to fill the requirements of the project. We make use of specialized finishes and a variety of local and exotic timbers. Quality, high standards and impeccable attention to detail are all hallmarks of our work. Passionate about design and manufacture, we are committed to creative and thoughtful design in everything we do.

Knysna Woodworkers

Johan Nel
My name is Johan Nel. I’m the founder of Knysna Woodworkers and the primary craftsman, I have over 35 years of experience manufacturing wooden furniture of all kinds and other woodcraft.

I love working with the various woods, whether an indigenous wood or exotic, and the passion I have for woodworking is reflected in everything I make.

(Notably, Johan has been featured before in Timber iQ magazine, a top magazine in the field, showcasing “all about wood.”)

Glass Roots Studio

Helga Stassen
Helga Stassen was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1974. She received a distinction for Art in Matric and completed her Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Pretoria in 1997.  For a decade or so Helga had an exciting career as a professional architect from restoring the fire-damaged Herbert Baker Pretoria Station to designing the 4500m2 South African Research Station on Marion Island. She also visited Antarctica for various projects on the ice. During this time she lectured at various Universities in South Africa and tutored for a year at the Edinburgh University in Scotland.  She changed course when she discovered the magic of working with glass and has been working with glass full-time since 2009. 

In 2013 she relocated from Gauteng to the Garden Route and for four years she had a successful and much-loved shop-studio-gallery in Sedgefield which was closed in April 2017 so she can focus on an online presence and building her brand beyond the Garden Route. She supplies an outlet on Thesen Island, Knysna.

Helga started her training in this medium at Bullseye Glass in Portland Oregon, USA and later supplemented her technical knowledge with advanced techniques in Italy under master-fuser Miriam di Fiore and she attended a short course in the UK.  Most of her knowledge is now based on extensive experimentation, creative application of new ideas and a great love for the medium.

Helga has embarked on a journey of glass alchemy.  She utilises the unique chemical reactions between minerals and metals in the glass that discolour one another as a means to depict African wildlife and scenery.  The enchanting reflection effects of rainbow glass colours showered in light is another avenue that is constantly explored as well the age-old tradition of millefiori-based jewellery.

Glass is not merely a something, it is a someone. It breathes a special coloured light that has enchanted people for centuries.

Brett Harvey Baker

By Brett Harvey Baker
Furniture maker, artist and sculptor Brett Harvey Baker was born in Cape Town in November 1963. After completing National Service in 1985 he trained as a carpenter/joiner at Westlake Trade Training Centre. He has experience in many wood-related industries including construction, shipbuilding, antique restoration, furniture design and manufacture, set building and architectural model making. Brett is currently making furniture at The Knysna Makerspace in the Kluyts & Co factory situated in Knysna’s industrial area.

Brett’s latest collection celebrates both indigenous and cultivated timbers, plays with scale and proportion and references the colours and textures of Knysna’s forest and marine environments. Brett translates his experience of his surroundings through material, form and colour to create furniture as functional artworks.

Brett is available for bespoke commissions. He also works as an artist under the pseudonym,
Jannie Uitlander. He has work in the Vodacom and other private collections.

By Krause

Krause Janse van Rensburg
BYKRAUSE Functional wooden art is based in Great Brak River, South Africa. This historical town forms part of a pristine area known as the Garden Route.

Local woodturner Krause is inspired by nature and when he isn't in the mountains hiking he is glued to his lathe designing and turning functional wooden art. His collection of handmade pieces are not only beautiful to look at but are meant to be used and enjoyed with your friends and family.

Krause's journey as a woodturner began in 2006 when he went for his first and only lesson. The rest is a self-taught woodturner journey of discovery. His love of wood also lead him to build his own wooden house. He starting wood turning full-time in 2014.

He is currently working on a limited edition collection of mortar & pestles, rolling pins, salt & pepper mills, wine tumblers and goblets. His previous work has been acquired by local and international clients.


Morné Smith
Since the start of our company in 1936, design and quality craftmanship has always been the cornerstone of Fechters.

We make furniture that combines comfort with function and beauty, be it the utility of our tables, the comfort of our sofas, or the durability of our patio furniture.  Customizable design meets every customer’s request in accordance with the functional and aesthetic needs of the space.

Our furniture is crafted with care and attention to detail, combining traditional skill with modern technology in our Knysna factory, from high quality, ethically sourced timber and materials.

Our designs constantly evolve to reflect how you live today, whilst continuing to reflect the Fechters tradition of quality and craftmanship.